The Charleston Estate Planning Law Firm

At the Charleston Estate Planning Law Firm, we believe that estate planning is all about protecting your family and loved ones in the event of your incapacity or death. A strong estate plan helps you to manage and preserve your assets during your lifetime, ensures your assets are efficiently distributed according to your wishes and protect your loved ones and their inheritances well after you are gone. We help you to create well thought out plans that provide for cost-effective and expedient transfer of assets at death. Through estate planning, we also make sure that there are provisions for yourself and your family should you become incapacitated without the necessity of court intervention.

We take a holistic approach to estate planning, which means we are there for you and your family through the entire process. Not only do we help you create your plan, we also provide probate administration and trust administration services to guide your family through the process of implementing the plan after death.

The Charleston Estate Planning Law Firm serves clients in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties. Call us today to set up a free Estate Planning initial consultation appointment.

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